Saturday, July 26, 2008


for abandoning this. I'm such a lazy butt. I haven't taken a picture of my outfit for like ages except day before yesterday because I busted out my boots that I haven't worn since like February or something. But anyways HOW ARE YOU GUYS. Thank you for all the comments and honesty box messages ha. My summer has been super busyy, I have sat BOOT CAMP every day 8-1 and then I had tennis for the first 4 weeks of summer. But, the first week I was in Italy! So here you go, many many many many pictures.

Haha, she wore my shirt and I wore hers which I want to steal FYI.

The group! It was 3 other families and me, I'm a stray.

Pizza chef!

Our last night :(

And then I went to SF last weekend for my best friend's sixteenth birthday. It was a fancy dinner at her house!

I look diseased. HOW GORGEOUS IS HER DRESS? It's BCBG and mine is Forever 21<3

The next morning ha, I delayed my flight so we could go to the mall :)

And, lastly, outfit from Thursday? This guy in my SAT class asked me why I was wearing snow boots..

And as you can see, I am currently black. You can thank tennis camp for that

As usual, click everything to enlarge. I missed this!


rb said...

I like your pictures, and the dresses that you and your friend wore in SF are stunning. i hope you had a fun time in italy.

Anonymous said...

where did your friend get that lovely blouse - that white peasant embroidered one? i love ittt

Anonymous said...

oh sorry i don't know if it's your friend's blouse or yours. nonetheless it's so pretty... where did YOU get it? haha

sridevi said...

Haha that's my friends but I'm wearing it :) It's Urban Outfitters and I believe it's on sale now. Go get it, it's gorgeous!

Lauren said...

Love the photos, I really like that floral shirt you're wearing in the last two. Glad you're back, I missed the outfit posts.

Sammie said...

You're back! Great photos of Italy it looks spectacular. I really like that dress you're wearing for your friends' party and yours as well. The other outfit is lovely as well.

Ike said...

I'm sure the boots come in handy when they blast the air conditioning :)

Anonymous said...

i love this!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad that your back!

Hana said...

You've picked out lovely outfits and the place where you stayed looks so gorgeous.

And don't worry, when winter comes around you'll be missing that tan!

kelsea said...

that b/w pic of you and your friend jumping is so simply chic! :]

Anonymous said...


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