Saturday, July 26, 2008


for abandoning this. I'm such a lazy butt. I haven't taken a picture of my outfit for like ages except day before yesterday because I busted out my boots that I haven't worn since like February or something. But anyways HOW ARE YOU GUYS. Thank you for all the comments and honesty box messages ha. My summer has been super busyy, I have sat BOOT CAMP every day 8-1 and then I had tennis for the first 4 weeks of summer. But, the first week I was in Italy! So here you go, many many many many pictures.

Haha, she wore my shirt and I wore hers which I want to steal FYI.

The group! It was 3 other families and me, I'm a stray.

Pizza chef!

Our last night :(

And then I went to SF last weekend for my best friend's sixteenth birthday. It was a fancy dinner at her house!

I look diseased. HOW GORGEOUS IS HER DRESS? It's BCBG and mine is Forever 21<3

The next morning ha, I delayed my flight so we could go to the mall :)

And, lastly, outfit from Thursday? This guy in my SAT class asked me why I was wearing snow boots..

And as you can see, I am currently black. You can thank tennis camp for that

As usual, click everything to enlarge. I missed this!