Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Back Around

And so, I am back :) I'm sorry I haven't posted, life is a little crazy at the moment but the short break has given me time to get (mostly) everything back together. Thanksgiving break was super fun as I went to the Grand Canyon to freeze my ass off with family and friends. I didn't really wear anything interesting but here are some pictures for the visual learners :)

And I GUESS I owe you guys some type of update on life recently haha, so here are some recent/random pictures.

This was part of Homecoming Week, it was Seniors Day and since I'm in class council, we dress up for all the days (I'm a junior). And so, I was a cop and basically that's me blowing my whistle and stopping a robber haha.

This was one of the days of CIF for tennis. We painted our faces and wore our jackets because that's how cool Varsity Girls Tennis is.

This was at our tennis banquet, I really liked my top :) And the back was pretty cool too, which is below.

Oh hey back.

This was at my best friends sweet 16 a couple of weeks ago (that's not her by the way haha), I'm on the left if you couldn't tell.

That's basically it, I should probably go study for my history test tomorrow but instead, I will probably go look at all my favorite blogs and comment you beautiful people. I'll post again soon (if I feel like it which I probably will so don't worry).